Nigeria records first baby by ‘freezed egg’

Nigeria has recorded the birth of its first baby conceived through the oocyte (egg) freezing protocol.
The feat was recorded by The Bridge Clinic, Lagos, on February 16, with the delivery of a male child, named Tiwatope.
The oocyte was preserved through cryopreservation, which is the cooling of cells and tissues to sub-zero temperatures to stop biological activity and preserve the cells for future use.

Monday, February 11, 2008



History was made on September 14, 2004 when the first successful IVF baby, Julian Oluchukwu (God’s work),the first baby conceived through a combined ART procedure of IVF/ICSI at Nordica Lagos, was successfully delivered through a Caesarean Section.

The parents, Emmanuel Onwudijo and his wife Francesca have been married since July 1999.
Emmanuel Onwudijo, 37, indigene of Asaba, Delta State, and staff of Nigerian Breweries says, “Since we got married in July 1999, we have run from pillar to post, been in and out of hospitals and undergone so many tests than we can remember. We tried so many things, went to several hospitals, herbal homes and churches, but nothing worked until we came to Nordica Fertility Center in January of this year and there was a transfer that resulted in the birth of this our baby.
If I had known something like this could be so readily achieved, I probably would have done it during the first year of my marriage, but then I always thought I couldn’t afford it and was actually planning to save for it, but eventually it was my wife who took up courage and convinced me to do it. She saw the advertisement on the internet and we went down to the hospital for the procedure.
Francesca Onwudijo, 33, indigene of Ibuzor, Delta State and Confidential Secretary with African Petroleum (AP) : “…I would like to advise women battling infertility to try this assisted reproductive procedure. Although I’ll admit that most women are not aware of its existence or capabilities. I believe doctors and perhaps the media should reach out to Nigerian women, churches, hospitals and other relevant organizations to educate them about assisted conception.”

Culled from ‘Nordica News’

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