Nigeria records first baby by ‘freezed egg’

Nigeria has recorded the birth of its first baby conceived through the oocyte (egg) freezing protocol.
The feat was recorded by The Bridge Clinic, Lagos, on February 16, with the delivery of a male child, named Tiwatope.
The oocyte was preserved through cryopreservation, which is the cooling of cells and tissues to sub-zero temperatures to stop biological activity and preserve the cells for future use.

Monday, February 11, 2008


National Hospital records six test tube babies in 2007

The National Hospital, Abuja on Thursday, said it had produced six test tube babies in 2007 through its newly consolidated In Vitro Fertilisation Centre.

It said the number of test tube babies was expected to quadruple in 2008.
The Assistant Director, Information Services of the hospital, Mallam Yahaya Sadiq, who spoke on behalf of the Chief Medical Director, disclosed this in Abuja.

Yahaya said that the centre, which was put in place last year by the government, had initial hiccups.

He however said that since its consolidation in 2007, the centre had produced babies for parents who could not ordinarily have children.
He said, “The most important achievement the National Hospital has recorded in 2007 has been the consolidation of the production of test tube babies in its new IVF Centre.

“More than six babies were produced in the first session, but in 2008, we expect the number to quadruple. Don’t forget that the National Hospital is the first government hospital to do this.

“In 2007, another significant achievement was the installation of the Magnetic Dissonance Imaging Machine, which is used to diagnose ailment in any part of the body.
“The hospital had also installed Gama Cameras for the easy and speedy diagnosis of cancer in the body.”

IVF is a technique in which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the woman‘s womb. It is a major treatment in infertility.It can also reduce the need for surgery on the fallopian tubes.

By Victor Sam, December 21, 2007

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