Nigeria records first baby by ‘freezed egg’

Nigeria has recorded the birth of its first baby conceived through the oocyte (egg) freezing protocol.
The feat was recorded by The Bridge Clinic, Lagos, on February 16, with the delivery of a male child, named Tiwatope.
The oocyte was preserved through cryopreservation, which is the cooling of cells and tissues to sub-zero temperatures to stop biological activity and preserve the cells for future use.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

FG called to establish more hospitals

The Medical Director of Nisa Premier Hospital in Abuja, Dr Ibrahim Wada, has urged the Federal Government to further complement private initiative in the treatment of infertility among women.

Speaking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Lagos recently, Wada said that the government could raise its participation in this regard by establishing more hospitals and improving the technology to treat infertility.`
`There is the need to increase more government hospitals to treat women with infertility as there are just only two of such hospitals involved in In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), treatment,'' he said.Wada said that it was also important to raise awareness on the use of IVF, particularly at the grassroots, to assist more women with reproduction. ``Doctors can also be trained to use the new technologies in assisting reproduction so that the cost can be reduced and more women have access to experts and the technology at all levels,'' he said.

Wada puts the success rate of women who embraced IVF in Nigeria at one out of every three women. ``This has been a consistent experience, the success rate becomes lower however if a woman is below age 38 or above,'' he added.He stated that the IVF was a working technology and that those who seek the assistance should do so early enough, stressing that age was an important factor for its success.The expert also called for more government interest on fertility-related issues, such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and other related health problems.

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